by Dr. Adrian Villegas, 

Professor Emeritus Ph.D of Chicano/Latino/Mestizo/Hispanic/

Mexican-American/ Tejano/Tex-Mex/Mojado/Borracho Studies



The following is a compilation of non-English words and phrases appearing in the text of Six Mexicans Named Gonzalez. They are words taken from both the original Castilian Spanish and the more regionalized idiom known as "Spanglish". Spanglish, as you may know, is the delightfully bastardized hybrid of Spanish and English spoken primarily by the North American "pocho", a.k.a. Chicano or Mexican-American. It is not quite Spanish, not quite English, often both, and sometimes more of one than the other. What it is is Spanglish.


Offered herein then are some brief definitions, clarifications and otherwise useful bits of information for the benefit of the Spanglish-impaired. The author sincerely hopes that this glossary will aid you in your enjoyment and understanding of the show, because there will be a quiz on Monday.


enchurrito  - a nonexistent, mythological Mexican entreé which, while having absolutely no empirical basis in actual Mexican-American culture whatsoever, does boast a very prominent place on the Taco Bell menu board (Also see: "taquito")


mestizo-brown  - a shade of skin particular to the modern-day descendants of Spanish and Central American indigenous ancestors (Also see: The person sitting next to you)


muy suavé  - slick; charming; seductive; very smoooth (Also see: Me after the show)


Que dice - "Say what?"


gringo gato - a feline of Caucasian or Anglo-Saxon descent


"pinche cabrón gringo gato pinchemadre pendejo!" - a *!?*X#! feline of Caucasian or Anglo-Saxon descent


pendejo - frequently-used word denoting a trivial or mentally incompetent person; a dumb-ass; literally translated means "a pubic hair"


mucho muy groovy - "very groovy"; expression commonly used by hybrid-hippie-flower-children Chicanos


Flaco Jiminez - legendary Tejano accordion player; revered by some as a deity


chingázos - fisticuffs; a throwdown; melee; fracas (See Also: What happens when you talk about Oscar de la Hoya's mama)


Vicente Fernandez - legendary Mexican ranchero vocalist, also known as "The Godfather of Móle"; revered by some as a deity (See Also: Flaco Jiminez)


guey - pronounced "way"; street term of familiarity, as in "dude"


puro fuckiando - take a wild guess what it means


ese - See:"guey"


pobrecito mijo/a - "my poor little baby"; expression of intermingled pity and affection; often used sarcastically when you really ain't in the mood to hear that shit.


huíla - pronounced "wheel-a"; woman of loose virtue, ill repute, and enormous popularity


puta - See: "huíla" and then avoid using either one of these words if you want to live a long, healthy life 'cuz, maaan, Chicanas don't play!


"A la chingao con eso!" - "To hell with that!" (A personal favorite of mine. - Author)


simón - positive affirmation, as in "Sho' 'nuff!"


chále - negative indication, as in, "No way, guey!"


las chi-chis - the mammary glands found on female members of the specie Homo Sapien; also known as "breasts"; area of unwarranted attention on many Latin music CD covers


nalgas - the rump; posterior; derierre; ass; area of unwarranted attention on many Latin music CD covers


pan dulce - a deliciously sweet Mexican pastry; literally translated means, "Yum!"


nalgas like pan dulce - See above entries


ruca - chick


cabrón - idiot; damn fool (See also: "pendejo")


"Be on your ass like chiqule" -  Slang phrase meaning "To be on your ass like bubblegum" (Usage in a sentence: "If someone says they're gonna be on your ass like chicle - RUN!")


"Te veo mas tarde, guey."  - "See ya' later, dude."


watchale - Spanglish command meaning, "Watch it" and utilizing the nonexistent yet widely-used "watchar" verb


"No quiero ver dos gringos" - "I don't wanna see two white people." (Self-explanatory)


"Donde esta el pinche T.V. Guide?" - "Where's the fu**in T.V. Guide?"; second most-commonly asked question in Latino households after "Cuando vamos a comer, vieja?"


un mojado - Spanish slang term for an illegal alien or "wetback"; literally translated means "a wet one" or "one who is wet" (Also: any member of the popular Tejano band El Grupo Mojado)


"La Pulga" - literally, "The Flea"; also slang term for the Mexican flea market


pachúcos - 1940s zoot-suiters; early antecedents to the modern-day "vato"


la cagada - shit; mess; crap; also known as "The Mainstream"


"Fijate no mas!" - Exclamation: "Just imagine that!" Also the Spanish title for the popular John Lennon song


huaraches - Mexican peón sandals


cúlo - ass ( As in, "You need a good, swift kick in the...." or "Kiss my...")


panquékeh - Spanglish for "pancake"; pronounced "pankaykay" (Other examples of Chicanofied words include: the aforementioned "watchar"; "tróque" for "truck"; and "el párque" for "park")


*AUTHOR'S NOTE: This concludes the glossary. For more information about Spanglish and other related topics, visit your local Mexican.


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